Introducing the Studietrust Online Community

Your involvement with this unique family started because we and our donors believe in the youth of South Africa and their abilities to change and develop this beautifull country for the better! Of course we also saw your unique potential and how you've overcome many social and economical constraints to achieve success in your studies. You've been awarded a bursary and /or loan which opened many doors for you.

To help you cope, personally, academically and socially we've developed this new interactive website: now all Studietrust bursars, alumni and personnel are able to interact with each other on our social network site called “The Student Portal”. Here you will be able to invite bursars & alumni to be friends, write on each other’s walls, form groups e.g. Mentoring groups; Study groups; Academic Interest groups and many more to support your academic development within your studies. You will also receive special and urgent news from Studietrust. You could download student newsletters, comment on articles and even share your testimonies on your appreciation of Studietrust and donors as well as your various experiences of these. You will also be enabled to follow Studietrust’s calendar and check when and where campus visits are planned; the deadlines for returning official forms, applications, results, payments, etc. If you are a Twitter fan you will also receive short messages and reminders from Studietrust.
Studietrust  How to become a member of our online family?

  Please allow 24 hours (working days) for the registration process as we need to verify that you are indeed a Studietrust Bursar or Alumnus.