Annual Student Activities

The Research and development is directed towards the innovation, introduction and improvement of student support programmes and student mentoring. Research is an important part within the organization because we generate evidence for the effectiveness of our programmes and ensure continuous development of our support in order to stay relevant for the needs of our students.

We have the following Annual Student Activities: 

     1. Summer Seminar 

As Studietrust, we understand that at times it’s challenging for students to successfully transition from high school to university. Nothing can be daunting as leaving behind your home, friends and family and embark on a new journey in a new environment. 

To ensure a successful transition, we therefore have the Annual Summer Seminar for all our 1st year university students.

The seminar which is held in January is aimed at building a Studietrust community as well as equipping our 1st year university student with the necessary skills to help them find their feet on their respective institutions. 
We have a programme packed with different mental activities to optimize brain matter and creative well-being.

It is at this Seminar that all our 1st year students are allocated a Campus Buddy and a Mentor.  

    2. Campus Orientation

As a continuation to facilitating the transition process, we conduct campus orientation for all our bursar holders. The Orientation which  is held in February, is where our 1st year students get to meet senior students and become part of the community. The orientation is a skills based workshop which focuses on preparing all our students for the prospective academic year.

    3. Winter Seminar

As Studietrust, we aim to produce the 21st Century graduate, one who is both academically viable and able to critically analyse a problem and strategically deduce a solution. Our students embark on different projects that involves research and team work.

    4. Studie-Breeze

This is a fun-filled day with a learning component where students are taken out for a "breather" and introduce soft-skills to help energize them. This event usually takes place in October, just before the students write their exams. It is at this event that mentors and all other students connect further and get the sense of belonging, which they mention as imperative.