The DG Murray Trust (“Investing in South Africa’s potential”) 1995 was a watershed year for Studietrust when we received our first grant from the DG Murray Trust. Over the years steadfast support from the Trust allowed us to develop and sustain our access bursary programme. A partial bursary is allocated to applicants who in spite of the most difficult personal and educational circumstances managed to qualify in terms of our selection criteria. Our access bursaries universally have the most profound motivating effect on the recipient (“you have recognised my potential… you believed in me…”). The allocation letter, on the basis of our long working relationship with the financial aid offices of educational institutions, opens all doors to registration without any further payments being required. A part of the bursary is immediately available for buying textbooks, securing proper accommodation and for subsistence.

These bursary opportunities have a preference for rural applicants (60%). All the successful applicants qualify for NSFAS loans and if they do not succeed in obtaining a loan through their institutions, Studietrust would administer the loan.

In 2011 Studietrust received R2.1 million from the Trust and this enabled us to allocate bursaries to 136 students at FETCs, Universities of Technology and Universities.

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